Sunday, September 14, 2008

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

 This was a post from a previous blog I used to have.

It makes sense that my first entry would be titled with this song.  It links me to my past, to my very roots.  My grandparents' first date was going to see the Wizard of Oz at the theater in 1939.  Therefore, I feel like this song is a part of the beginning of my family and has been a huge part of my family ever since.  

It means even more to me because it now reminds me so much of my father.  I think my parents have the most beautiful love story I have ever heard.  Once my mother passed away, he was missing such a huge part of himself... his heart.  And once that broke completely and gave out, he joined her "over the rainbow."  
I miss them so terribly much sometimes that I just don't think I can even breathe.  I'm glad that they are together, but I have to wonder, why in the world did this happen to my family.  I know that I shouldn't and that it's not right to question, but I can't help it.  
  This song will always be near and dear to my heart to say the least.  I enjoy all of the remakes and find the whimsy of them very cute.  It makes me smile inside and out to think that so many find this song so comforting.  I know I do.

My mom received a beautiful pair of earings from my dad for Christmas in 2004.  It was the last gift of the morning and he pulled it out of the train that was circling the tree.  I will always treasure my memories of the last Christmases together.

My parents are perfect when they are together.