Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Snow

Drew had such a fun time playing in the snow (not to mention that I loved what it did for his energy level.... those days he napped harder and longer than normal) that we got him out in it as often as possible. He had fun throwing it around, making snowballs, catching snowflakes on his tongue, and flying down the front yard hill on the sled with Nana.

Drew is ready to throw this snowball
Did I mention that the cold, fresh air tuckered out the kids. Emma fell asleep in her daddy's arms.... a sweet sight for a mama.
Another sweet sight for a mama's eyes
Catching snow flakes on his tongue
Nana and Drew tobogganing down the hill
Here comes Drew.....
.... and there he goes

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Emma

I hate to be so ordinary with my words, but it's so hard to believe it's been a whole year. Our little princess is growing so quickly. I can't even keep up.
She's saying Dada, Mama, Moooo (I know, what a strange one to pick up, but she loves her farm animals puzzle), and she STILL has no teeth. She's crawling very quickly (I can't keep up), cruising now from furniture to furniture, and she LOVES music. She claps and bobs her head to the beat and belly laughs with the same raspy voice as her brother.
What a girl.
This precious little butter bean has had one wonderful first year. We are so proud of her.

Stay tuned for birthday party updates!