Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Kiddie Table

Last night we had dinner (Greek of course) with our friends Lauren and Dave. Drew and Emma are always so excited to hang out with Ryan. When we pulled up to their house, Drew even told me that his feet were excited. haha.
I snapped a few pictures of the kids having their dinner at the kiddie table.
They had a great time eating and playing while the storm thundered on outside. They were way too happy to even give it a moment's notice though.

Kids' Table

Head of the table
The head of the table was a cutie!

A Day Around The House

The other day I snapped a few pictures of just being around the house.  I treasure every moment of this time home with the kids, so even the moments that look so ordinary are tremendously precious to me.

Many mornings start out with messy breakfasts.

Emma is not known for her table manners.

After watching me edit some photos, Drew came to me saying that we needed to take some pictures of this baby doll's feet.  This was his idea of managing this photo shoot....haha


What can I say, I just can't get over Emma's lovely eating habits...haha


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Italian Shoes

How can you tell Colin went shoe shopping for me again?  =)  They're cute and I'll find a use for them I'm sure.  It's the thought that counts right!?!

Ducati Shoes

Ducati Shoes

If women don't find you handsome........

"If women don't find you handsome....they should at least find you handy" Red Green from the Red Green Show (Canadian Funny Guy).


Lucky for me my husband is both handsome AND handy!

Recently Colin gave it his best shot at destroying one of his cell phones (iPhone 4).......


No big deal....Colin's in house cellular repair to the rescue.....


New back plate installed and to quote Colin, "Who makes a phone out of glass anyhow?".


Repair cost about $10 bucks and took about 2 minutes.  Yeah for Red Green and Colin =)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mr. C

I was privileged enough to work with this precious little one.  He made my job so easy.
I kid you not, the sweet baby just posed himself!  I couldn't believe it!  I've never seen anything like it.
These are a couple of the sweet images that we got from the shoot today of Mr. C.

Mr. C

Mr.C Charlotte Concord Kannapolis Huntersville Cornelius Newborn Photography Boy

Big bowl of Cayden Watermark Charlotte Concord Kannapolis Huntersville Cornelius Newborn Photography Boy

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Boys And Their Toys

The adventures of Colin continue.  He has routinely made mention of  those that own, “purpose built” toys that never use them for their designed purpose.  It was a foregone conclusion that Colin’s Ducati was going to find it’s way to the race track eventually... and it did.

Colin By The Map

The Ducati Owner’s Club organizes select track events during the riding season.  Carolina Motorsports Park was too close to pass up.  At 4:30AM Colin packed up the trailer with all the necessary bits and pieces and out he rolled (I followed at a more sensible hour).
The Ducati club is very safety conscious with a terrific track record.  Once both Colin and his bike had passed tech inspection, it was time for the riders’ meeting and to start the fun.

Putting the Ducati through its paces at the speeds it was designed for was an absolute adrenaline rush for Colin.  When he would pit between sessions, the smile was ear to ear when the helmet came off
Photo Taken By Jackie

Safety First by Jackie

Riders Together
Colin Track Day2 Sharp

There were so many great racers to learn from at the track day.  I snapped this picture of Colin alongside US Desmo club president, Jim Calandro, who was kind enough to take Colin on a few hot laps to show him where he could get even more speed.
Student Remains the student

After 6 or 7 sessions on the track and a pair of well-worn Pirelli’s (that were installed a day before the event) the day came to an end. 
Race Tire

We had an absolute blast and made a lot of great friends in the process.  This will not be our last track day…. and I can state honestly that more track events are not a bad thing.  Thanks to everyone that made this event so perfect for both Colin and me.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Colin's Birthday

I know, I know.  Colin's birthday was over 2 months ago, but in Colin's world, his birthday lasts 2 months.  He's spoiled rotten!  What can I say!?!
So, of course he had a Ducati themed birthday party.

My cousin, Jennifer owns a bakery and provided the cake for us.  It was so perfect for our party!

The kids helped Daddy blow out his candles.


We had a great evening with great food, great friends, and great times.  
We celebrated at our house, but cake time was reserved for the garage.  For a Ducati party, there was no better place.
It was such a happy day.

Mary, Brandon and Daniel even dressed for the Canadian's birthday!

Daniel wore his "Captain Canada" shirt...haha


This picture was one of my favorites. Mary busted out laughing when she figured out that Emma was smearing ranch dressing all over herself while on her lap. Peeler knew it the whole time, of course he didn't say anything though!

Speaking of Emma, she had a great time partying with her daddy.

The big birthday present was shipped in all the way from Italy!  Colin got his new exhaust race kit (race ECU, high flow air filter, blah blah blah) for his bike.  He was pretty darn excited.  There's not much that you can do to an exhaust kit to make it an attractive birthday gift, but something tells me that Colin didn't mind that at all.  He also got race tires and other carbon fiber "bits and pieces" as I like to call them.  Each one, he says, adds 10 horse power...haha


Colin went to the dealership and had his new exhaust put on by Dennis, a Ducati Master Mechanic.... one of the very few in America.  Yes, folks, that's right, Colin's birthday was top notch all the way (or his version of top notch... not necessarily something that I would have wanted for myself, but I am not a motorcycle nut).
Photo Taken By Jackie

So now, at this point he was ready for his track day.