Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reaching New "Feets" Everyday

Our little baby girl is growing so fast! Today, while we were playing on the floor, I could not keep her attention. She was focused on her feet. At first I thought she was just being squirmy, but then I realized that the girl was on a mission to get her feet. She was so serious about it too. Then.... she got them! She grabbed her feet and smiled so big with accomplishment. She was oh so proud of herself. What a girl!
She was working so hard
I wish I would have captured the smile, but I was too busy clapping and celebrating with her by that point..... the way it should be.

Monday, April 27, 2009

We'll Be Back Soon

We have an incredibly busy week this week with our normal routines and getting ready for Relay for Life. I also don't want to short change the kids with any outside time....with it being as beautiful as it is out right now (this is why we live in the Carolinas...it is beeeeuuuutiiiful right now!
Anyways, so I'll be away for a short time while doing all of these other things, but not to worry, I'll still be capturing all of these moments and sharing them when things slow down a bit. So sometime probably next week, be prepared for a borage of posts an all of the events of the week. I've got some good ones planned and I can't wait to share them.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ice Cream!!!!!!

Let's play a game of association.... Ok.. I'll go first!
Ice cream truck..... go!

1. music tinkering through a neighborhood
2. gaggles of children lined up in the streets in their bathing suits trying to buy ice cream
3. Eddie Murphy (I know...weird, but if you saw his stand up, you know why... hence the title with all of the !!!!!!)
4 Overpriced ice cream
5. This day now goes down in our family's history as Drew's first visit with the ice cream truck!!!

We heard the truck from miles away (ok, maybe just a block or two) and scrounged our change (ok... maybe now it takes bills) and trekked outside with the kids to experience this right-of-passage with our son. The ice cream man (who by the way is like a 20-something year old guy wearing some bling-bling necklace junk) must have thought I was crazy... or maybe typical. I was the mom out there with the camera, of course, taking thousands of pictures of my husband ordering ice cream with our son. He ended up with an orange creamcicle. It was too cute, I must admit. Then we sat ourselves down and experienced ice cream on the curb.... the way it's suppose to be done when you buy it out of a truck. Drew was a complete and utter mess by the time we were done and he loved every minute of it!
I love this mosaic... It just screams "SUMMER!!!"

Daddy and Drew waiting to get ice cream!

Even though Emma wasn't able to get ice cream, she still enjoyed the weather and watching big brother with his ice cream.

Drew wouldn't even stop eating his ice cream to watch the plane fly over (did I mention how much he loves to point out when there are planes in the sky

What a mess!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Update On Stamping

So, remember when I was telling ya'll about my friend's amazing crafting room that I got to play in for Easter Stamp Camp? Well, I thought I should share her blog with you all after hearing everyone's interest. She's too cute and great at what she does. Check it out. She just had a her baby boy, Ryan, so I'm guessing it'll be a while before she posts again, but even still, you'll enjoy her site, I just know it.

Life Changing Decisions By: A 3rd Grader

Tonight, I went to a dinner with some friends. I brought Emma with me and she was adorable (as usual if I do say so myself). Well, my friend, Libby, who has 3 boys, held Emma for a bit. She's like me.... LOVES babies! Well, I learned that her oldest boy, Bailey does too. As Libby was holding Emma, Bailey said, "Can we try for another one? Please!?!" as if it's a group effort by the family. It was so funny. You wouldn't think of a 3rd grade boy as being interested in having a baby at his house, but he loves his little brothers (most of the time anyways). He is too sweet!!! Then came the funny part that we all wait for when we are around children. Bailey asks Libby, "Please stop taking that medicine that makes you not have a baby." It was the cutest thing ever!!! I couldn't help but to bust out laughing.
I didn't want to keep this one to myself.... I can see it becoming one of those classic stories that we will tell when talking about the funny things kids can say.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shopping for a Rock Star

What to get, What to get????
These are all t-shirts that I'm looking at for Drew. I think I'll have to get them all.

Yet Another Reason Why My Son Rocks!

What can I say.... Drew just keeps giving us reasons to believe that our son rocks! Today, at the rocketry field, he really played it cool. First of all, he had his first tailgating experience.

We all thought it was awesome to turn 21 years old so that we could party.... well, Drew is ready to party at 21 months! One man even commented when he saw Drew bust some moves when the music turned on that he was ready for the fraternity!!!! Then he saw his daddy's LSU hat and knew "wow, ya'll are in for it."

This is just a picture of a classic "Drew-move"

My my my.... what a boy!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Take It Easy On Him, My Sweet Little Girl

I'm sorry Colin, but I have to tell this story.... Emma will love it when she's older.
Emma, today we had to pull over into a parking lot on our drive home because you were crying in the car. I was holding you and you were looking over my shoulder at your daddy. You were so happy to be held and so you were looking at daddy with those beautiful bright eyes and they were more than he could handle. Daddy's eyes welled up with emotion just looking at you. He told me how blessed he felt to have you as his daughter. There is nothing quite like watching a daddy melt for his daughter.
Please Emma Jane, take it easy on him... his heart is in the palm of your tiny little hand.
We love you,

Easter Cookies

So much going on..... I forgot to post the pictures of the boys making Easter Cookies. I'm really working hard on making things easier for you, my future DIL (Daughter In-Law) by making Drew comfortable in the kitchen. He'll be able to cook dinners and even bake cookies. It's nice to get his daddy to show him this trait so that he can see that it is a "manly-man" thing to do (mostly because it makes wifey happy!!) It's also the sweetest thing in the world to watch.

We're All Better

Well, I thought that Colin was down for the count, but apparently his strength pulled him through this illness.  He never stays sick for long..... I'm so glad I married a strong man... nothing can take him down.  

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Taking A Short Break

Well everyone, I'll be taking a short break from the mamalogue. I am needed elsewhere for now. I'm off to go take care of my hubby. He's going to be fine, but he's battling the flu.... and it's not pretty. I've never seen my man down for more than a few hours, and this one has him down for the count. So I'm off to take good care of him (which I love to do). So wish him well and say a prayer for his speedy recovery.
Hugs and kisses,

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Tisket, A Tasket, The Perfect Easter Basket

The Easter Bunny picked the perfect basket for our little girl, Emma Jane. I know he picked it because he'll love to see it year after year. The rick-rack is my favorite part.... so perfect for Easter. Although Emma did not get to hunt for Easter Eggs this year, she enjoyed her time outside while her big brother was on the hunt (he brought her some eggs that he hunted.... I was so proud). The Easter bunny brought Emma a chocolate bunny (of course), a little baby chick doll that chirps, bubbles, some eggs with surprises inside, and a big pink lollipop to finish it off. Bringing her basket to her was such a precious moment.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!!

The Westgarth-Taylor household has been celebrating an Easter Eggstravaganza!!!  We've baked cookies, decorated, I've been blowing out eggs for weeks now for decorating, hunted Easter eggs, and many, many more activities.  Now here we are, it's Easter and both children are down for a nap.  So now I get a chance to share all of the fun and what I think are some of the most adorable pictures of our children.
This morning we woke up and ran the kids down to see what the Easter Bunny had left us.  Drew ooohed and aaahed over every little egg and piece of candy.  He especially enjoyed shaking the plastic eggs to hear the surprised inside rattle around.
Then we went outside for our own Easter Egg Hunt.  The weather was perfect.  We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful morning.
We've had a wonderful morning and now for some family time and the preparations of a wonderful meal (my favorite part!)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Best Friends

One day I will use this post to defuse a fight. I can see it now. The kids will be arguing.... they will not be able to reconcile their own differences, and they will come to me. "Mo-om, Emma won't _____" or "Mama, Drew is _______" (you fill in the blank with whatever you might think it'll be... your guess is as good as mine). I will put up one finger, disappear for a second, and retrieve these pictures. I will slap them down in front of both of them. I will begin to make the point that "you two have been best friends since day one.... literally" They won't even hear me out because they will immediately be reminded of the bond that they share. Their hearts will melt when they see these pictures just as mine did when I saw the moment.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Welcome Home Baby Ryan

Today we got ready for the homecoming of Ryan Patrick Cole. Our friends, Lauren and David Cole, had their beautiful baby boy on April 7. So the Westgarth-Taylor clan planned a coming-home-dinner for them. David requested red beans and rice, so red beans it was. Drew, Emma, and I got ready for the big event all day. Little Ryan Patrick was a bit early, so I had a few loose ends to tie up before we headed over this evening. I put the pot of beans on, finished his blanket that Margo taught me how to make, and got my clan ready once Daddy got home (we're going to skip the part about when Drew grabbed my drink off of the coffee table and spilled it everywhere, so I had to clean the floors). Baby Ryan is so precious. I was lucky enough to hold him for a while, and then smart enough to remember to take a few pictures.
Welcome Home Baby Ryan!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is It Bono???? Nah, It's Just Drew

Drew was playing around with my sunglasses last night. I found one more reason why my son rocks!!!! Look at this kid..... sheesh!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Emma's Playtime

Today, while waiting for everyone to get ready to go out for the day, Emma played with her Baby Einstein playset.  She had a great time, just cooing away the whole time.  She's such a sweet girl.