Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Life Changing Decisions By: A 3rd Grader

Tonight, I went to a dinner with some friends. I brought Emma with me and she was adorable (as usual if I do say so myself). Well, my friend, Libby, who has 3 boys, held Emma for a bit. She's like me.... LOVES babies! Well, I learned that her oldest boy, Bailey does too. As Libby was holding Emma, Bailey said, "Can we try for another one? Please!?!" as if it's a group effort by the family. It was so funny. You wouldn't think of a 3rd grade boy as being interested in having a baby at his house, but he loves his little brothers (most of the time anyways). He is too sweet!!! Then came the funny part that we all wait for when we are around children. Bailey asks Libby, "Please stop taking that medicine that makes you not have a baby." It was the cutest thing ever!!! I couldn't help but to bust out laughing.
I didn't want to keep this one to myself.... I can see it becoming one of those classic stories that we will tell when talking about the funny things kids can say.

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