Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thinking Back With A Chuckle

Sitting here watching the Oscars with a glass of red wine that my sweetie bought for the occasion (isn't he just too cute), I see some scenes from our movie, Titanic.
It's not "our movie" because we loved it so much... hell, we weren't even together when it came out.  But it's our movie because we re-enacted the big "king of the world" scene in front of hundreds of people in front of a green screen.
I posted about it before, this was what I wrote from February of 2009:

So with Valentine's Day being right here, I was thinking of all of the romantic scenes from movies. Of course Titanic is one of the first on-screen-kisses you have to think of. Well, that reminded me of a story that I almost forgot about. This story is just a typical example of our life and some of the things that seem to happen to us.
One day while up in Barrie, Colin and I decided to go to Canada's Wonderland. I love a good theme park! Well, it was hot, so as respite we decided to go see a show. The show was about movies themselves. Well, before the show even started, someone who worked there asked us if we would like to participate. Well, sure, why not? I figured they were probably asking several people to participate. So they pulled us off backstage and gave us some costumes. I was dressed as Rose, with the shawl and a wig and everything, and Colin was dressed like Jack. When they got to the part about using green screens, they used us as the example. They had us reenact the kiss at the bow of the boat. We had to get up on this boat bow that they built and recite lines and everything. You can imagine my surprise when I realized we were the ONLY people from the audience who they asked to participate.
It was so funny and a lot of fun. We had to kiss in front of about 350 people with the green screen behind us and the all-too-famous music playing in the background. Then we all got to watch the scene when they superimposed the background.
What a kiss!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mr. Motorcycle Gets His Chance

Colin's been waiting for a chance to take his bike out for a spin and with the weather being as beautiful as it is today, he couldn't pass up the opportunity.
I know the wife is suppose to be opposed to the motorcycle and yadda yadda, but I can't help it.  I love it!  I mean look at him...



Friday, February 11, 2011


He's done it!  Our boy has read his first word independently!!!  I mean really read it.
He was looking at the cover of his book, "Big Rex and Friends" and he asked me, "Mommy, what is this word?"

I asked him what sounds it made.  He's been testing out beginning sounds for a while now, saying a word randomly and repeating its first sound and telling me what letter it begins with.  But this is the first time he's attempted to string sounds together.
His thinking was so cute too.
He said, "B-B-B" when I pointed at the B.  Then "I-I-I" when I pointed at he I.  Then, this was my favorite, "J-J..." and tried out BIJ and said, "no not that one... G-G-G" when I pointed to the G.
I was damn impressed if I do say so myself.
Then he looked at me as if he just unlocked the universe.  "Mommy, it says 'big!'"
Wow,  I am so proud of our little man.
Not that I think he's going to be reading epic poetry anytime soon, he was not at all interested in doing this again for me when I tried to get him to sound out the word 'sit.'  He's very much like that, he only does things on his terms.
He amazes me every day.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Camille Hope

Camille Hope is here!!!!!
At 8lbs 1oz and 21 1/2 inches long, she's an absolutely perfect, precious bundle of joy. Melinda, Michael and Sadie are over the moon in love with her.... as we all are.
The only problem this sweet little baby has had so far is that she's drawn too many visitors. While I don't think the nurses were overly thrilled with it, it's a good problem to have.




Mary and Camille

Happy Birthday, Jill!!! It is quite special to share a birthday with baby Camille.

I got my turn too.... and took way too long. I couldn't give her up once I got my hands on her.

And of course Mama got her turn..haha

Mama Horton and Camille.... It's a love thing

Crystal and Camille


Sadie came back to see her baby sister after taking a break to go ride her scooter.

She was so excited to sit with her Aunt Kaelyn

Melinda can't get enough kisses. She's been waiting to do this for 9 months

Sadie loves her baby sister

So sweet


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random Pictures

I found a few fun random pictures on Colin's iPhone that were never published.  I LOVE going through pictures (I'm one of those people that would actually enjoy going through old photo albums from anyone who offered) and so it was so fun to flip through these.
I thought I'd share some of my faves!
Colin and I at a Panther's game.
Drew and James cruisin'
Sadie and Drew... two very tech-savvy kids
Drew has gone to see so many firetrucks and he enjoys it just as much every time he goes.
Emma is a very aggressive shopper
Our own little Superman
Cape and all
...and then he turned conductor
Some Canadian grocery shopping (look at all that Tim Horton's... I could drink it all!!!!)
A BFF Christmas from "yesteryear" (obviously Colin was not the photographer we were paying attention to)
I love pictures of them together
Drew all tuckered out
Do you think he's just a bit spoiled?
The car always does the trick
I share this one even though it's incredibly emotional for me... almost too much to put "out there," but it is a part of our lives. This is Drew visiting his Paw Paw and his Grandmommy
A young Drew enjoying some mac and cheese and apple juice.