Friday, February 11, 2011


He's done it!  Our boy has read his first word independently!!!  I mean really read it.
He was looking at the cover of his book, "Big Rex and Friends" and he asked me, "Mommy, what is this word?"

I asked him what sounds it made.  He's been testing out beginning sounds for a while now, saying a word randomly and repeating its first sound and telling me what letter it begins with.  But this is the first time he's attempted to string sounds together.
His thinking was so cute too.
He said, "B-B-B" when I pointed at the B.  Then "I-I-I" when I pointed at he I.  Then, this was my favorite, "J-J..." and tried out BIJ and said, "no not that one... G-G-G" when I pointed to the G.
I was damn impressed if I do say so myself.
Then he looked at me as if he just unlocked the universe.  "Mommy, it says 'big!'"
Wow,  I am so proud of our little man.
Not that I think he's going to be reading epic poetry anytime soon, he was not at all interested in doing this again for me when I tried to get him to sound out the word 'sit.'  He's very much like that, he only does things on his terms.
He amazes me every day.

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