Monday, June 29, 2009

Beach Babe

Emma was a little dream baby at the beach. She was adorable with those big beautiful eyes. And when she was in her bathing suit.... oh my, she was just the bees knees! Our little beach babe, Emma.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Day For Fathers

A little girl looks to her daddy to adore her and show her love and security. A little boy looks to his daddy to teach him how to be a man. I was lucky enough to have one of the best daddies in the world, and I always dreamed that my children would have it the same way. I'm the luckiest mama in the world to have Colin. He adores Emma and Drew and dreams with me about future possibilities.

He is wrapped around Emma's little finger already. She batts those adorable big round eyes at him and he's sold, on whatever it is that she wants. She has brought him to tears with those gorgeous eyes. She is going to be such a daddy's girl. I'm ok with that.... it's the way that it should be, but I just hope that she's easy on him because he is seriously wrapped... haha.

Drew is his best little buddy. Just last night when I was trying to put Drew to bed he went into hysterics because he wanted "to...sniff sniff... see... sniff sniff..... daddy..... sniff sniff." He loves his daddy so much. They have so many jokes, games, and secret handshakes I can't even keep up.

We had a great Father's Day weekend together. We made it a point to clear our calendars and spend the time together as a family. It was nice to slow life down for the weekend and enjoy Daddy. We ended the weekend with a great Father's Day meal. I made crawfish po'boys (we ordered extra crawfish at the crawfish boil and sat on our back porch together and peeled crawfish all night long one night and froze it for just such nights). We ate outside and enjoyed our Louisiana dinner with our Canadian daddy in North Carolina...whew!

One Played Out Little Boy

After a full day of playing outside, Drew came in to have a "cool down."  I walked into the kitchen to fix him some juice and when I walked back into the living room, this is what I found....

... and this is the sign of a very good day.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Funny Little Friend

So I picture that this little guy (I found a whole mini universe of almost microscopic life on the hydrangea day) is a very funny little dude. He probably has "little man syndrome." I see him using his front legs to do the Karate Kid Crane move......


Can't you just picture it!?!

I mean... look at him bowing his chest out!
Oh, young grasshoppa.... save your energy for a true enemy.

I Wonder

While I was photographing my beautiful hydrangeas the other day, I noticed this.....

I wonder if it came from a girl.
I wonder if she feels like she just had a face-lift.
I wonder if she wasn't happy with her pore size so she decided to ditch it and start over.
I wonder if she'll take care of herself more now
I wonder if she'll have a new bounce in her step and strut her stuff now
I wonder if she's trying to find a new mate.

I wonder if she'll be more comfortable in her new "skin" than in her old.

I hope so.

My Mother's Flowers

I was given Hydrangeas from my Aunt Mantha on the day of my mother's funeral. They were one of her favorites. I planted those hydrangeas and today they are as beautiful as I could have ever hoped. I clipped off a few for a centerpiece for a luncheon we did for AIG the other day (the gifted program that I work in.... not the insurance company!) Then I decided to clip more for my own home. I love having things around me that make me smile and that fill my soul up the way these do.

Rugby Boy

Drew looked so "sporting" in his rugby shirt that looked just like his daddy's high school jersey.

I just love this picture because it's such a close up of Drew and I love feeling so close to him.
Drew has a different position though. Apparently the number 3 is reserved for the tight end prop. Daddy's number should have been 13, the outside center. His high school didn't do traditional numbering though, so he wore the number 7.

Can't Drive 'Em, But I Can Clean 'Em

Drew loves all things transportation and anytime he can get his hands into parts or pieces, he's all over it. The whole picture to me is ironic... such an adult-like action and he even has an older look to him, yet he still has a paci in his mouth. Jeeeesh!
Well, I guess that sums up Drewby though.... little rock star (well beyond his years)

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Funniest Invitation I've Ever Received

I knew Graham was having his big annual BBQ this summer, so when I got the invitation on Facebook that said:

3rd Annual Beautiful People Eat Pork
"It's an invitation AND a compliment"

I knew I had to be on top of my game from now on to keep on getting these invitations every year.  The party is not until August, but I'll report back to you all on it then.  The pictures should be very attractive considering how photogenic everyone will be....hahaha.  JK

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Computer Geek

Drew is taking after his daddy in the computer world.  Here he is showing his little sister how things work on his laptop.
"See here, Emma.  This is the internet"
"Voila!!!  See, I said that all of the information in the world was here.  Now let me show you how this little monkey on the screen will show us our ABC's"


This is what I wanted to yell the whole time that Colin and Drew were golfing in our front yard.  They had a good time though, so I just had to bite my tongue and watch.

Emma was entertained by their attempt at "yard golf" as well

It's In Their Genes

There was no way that I could argue Colin's new purchase.  I would be fighting nature.  It's obviously in his DNA.  The boy loves motorcycles down to his very soul..... and now you can see why. This is a series of pictures of Grandpa Westy, Colin's dad, and now Colin.

Daddy looks pretty good sittin' on that bike

This is what Drew had to say about it.

That's One Dirty Kid!

Drew's entertainment after eating was playing with golf balls in wheelbarrow. He was filthy within minutes. But I guess that's one way to gauge how much fun a little boy has. If that's the case, as you can see, Drew had the time of his life.

I don't know how he escaped getting dirt in his eyes, but he did.

This was the cleanest angle of Drew I could get

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Declare Sadie Claire

I just thought this progression of pictures from the crawfish boil were so funny. You'll really enjoy these! Sadie Claire is such a free spirit and it is so fun to just watch her explore and play.

Getting The "MudBugs" Ready

We had a great time at Shay and Christin's crawfish boil. Michael did a great job seasoning and boiling the crawfish and we did a great job eating them. Even Drew and Sadie enjoyed a few.
Drew and Sadie high-fiving because of their excitement for the crawfish.
Our little Louisiana Lovelies enjoying their crawfish

Even Emma enjoyed all the fun