Friday, June 5, 2009

No Scaredy Pants Here

Last weekend we went to a crawfish boil. It was a great time! We ordered live crawfish from Natchitoches, Louisiana. They came in on Saturday morning and we cooked them up Saturday evening.
But before we got the chance to cook them (but after we purged them), Sadie and Drew had their fun with them. It was so funny to watch them just reach into the box and grab them. They played with them and walked around with them. Those poor little crawfish.... they were just reaching their claws out and they must have been wondering what in the world these little people were doing with them. I was pretty amazed at Drew and Sadie's fearlessness.

Sadie loved the crawfish that her daddy gave her

Drew seemed a little less impressed

He looks so big in her tiny little hand

Drew and Sadie had fun playing with the crawfish together

Sadie was so cute with her crawfish

They couldn't get enough of them

That "Louisiana blood" comes through even at such a young age with these petite bebes.

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