Thursday, April 9, 2009

Welcome Home Baby Ryan

Today we got ready for the homecoming of Ryan Patrick Cole. Our friends, Lauren and David Cole, had their beautiful baby boy on April 7. So the Westgarth-Taylor clan planned a coming-home-dinner for them. David requested red beans and rice, so red beans it was. Drew, Emma, and I got ready for the big event all day. Little Ryan Patrick was a bit early, so I had a few loose ends to tie up before we headed over this evening. I put the pot of beans on, finished his blanket that Margo taught me how to make, and got my clan ready once Daddy got home (we're going to skip the part about when Drew grabbed my drink off of the coffee table and spilled it everywhere, so I had to clean the floors). Baby Ryan is so precious. I was lucky enough to hold him for a while, and then smart enough to remember to take a few pictures.
Welcome Home Baby Ryan!!!!

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