Friday, November 13, 2009

What Drew's Been Up To

Drew has been a busy little boy lately. We've been staying busy with lots of fun stuff. But he's been having the every-day kind of fun just in his daily routine. This is why I love doing this, just to see the preciousness in everyday life.

Drew's day begins quite early. This picture was taken at about 6:15 am just before leaving for Mrs. Tonia's.

He's such a ham!

In the evenings he likes to play "conductor" and run his trains on the train table that his Paw Paw made. My Dad would be so happy to see this.

Drew's beloved trains.

I love this picture. He looks so small here with that big old hat on. When we walked in, he was just wearing it and playing with his trains. He makes us laugh all of the time with things like this (even though he was not in the least trying to be funny). Please excuse the mess. I had started to strip the beds to do some laundry, but took a break to take some pictures. I obviously didn't think that one through very well, but I never pass up a chance to cherish a moment regardless of what housework needs to be done.

Drew doesn't look too impressed with the book that Daddy is reading him. But if they are going to hang out in Emma's room with the girls, then I guess they have to expect to read princess books.

Now that he can be in charge, he's more excited about the book. Here he's taking Daddy on a "picture walk" through the book.
And then it's bedtime. Drew says his night time prayers in the sweetest little voice and then after I sing to him, he lays down to a good night's sleep.

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Lauren said...

I love these photos! He is dressed to the nines as a conductor above the belt...hee hee hee :)