Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Drew's First Day of School

I'm so behind on blogging, but I'm not going to worry about catching up before I post about this most important day.
Drew's first day of school!!!!
IMG_6380 first day of school

This morning, we got up so excited about the schoolday ahead of us (ok, him, but this is big for me too)
We had a good healthy breakfast (oatmeal with raisins) and then packed his lunch box.  We kept going over, "snack in the bottom, lunch in the top," and he laughed when I made his lunch box talk to him.
Then it was off to school. Daddy walked Emma and Drew up to the school.

Then of course Mama had to take pictures of my big schoolboy in front of his school.

This is his "Blue Steel"

Then it was off to his classroom. First we stopped to find his backpack peg.

Obviously he was having nothing to do with me taking pictures. He was ready to get in the room and meet his new friends. So this is the only backpack picture I have. (Of course I went in right behind him and turned his backpack around so his name showed. I wish I would have just taken a picture of the backpack with his name on it hanging on his peg with his name tag, but... oh well.
Then he was straight off to his friends. He took all of two seconds to make friends with the other boys in his class.

And I was so proud of Emma. She really let Drew have the spotlight (which is something she usually likes to be in). She stayed with Daddy for most of the time except when she spotted the little kitchen. Of course she played there for a few minutes.

And Drew was still off playing trains with his new friends.



This is the group room. He will have his morning time and calendar circle in this room, but his classroom is actually the door on the left of the picture.  And his teacher, Mrs. Berk, is the lady with the white shirt and lanyard around her neck in the top picture.

Then it was time to say goodbye. Drew came over and gave us all big hugs and they were a little extra tight I must admit. He was a little unsure of us leaving. He really wanted Emma to stay, but he understood very quickly that we were all leaving and he was going to stay with his new friends. I was so incredibly proud of him. We got going while the going was good and as you can see, he didn't fret for too long that we were gone.

I didn't wait around to take this picture. It was literally the time that it took us to walk to the door and turn around that it took him to go on about his day.

Today is a day that I have been so excited for and one that I have dreaded for so long.
I was so excited to get Drew into the perfect preschool.  Once he was enrolled at All Saints, I was such a happy camper knowing I got exactly what I wanted for my son.  But then came the separation anxiety.... and I'm not talking about his.  I mean, it hit me HARD that I was not going to be with him all day every day anymore.  I know it's healthy for all of us to to be away from each other for part of the day, but man do Emma and I ever miss him.
I was really worried about Emma.  He and Emma really are best friends and I knew she was really going to miss him... and I was right.  I've said before and I'll say it again, her separation anxiety from him is far worse than anything she'll ever experience for me.  They are thick as thieves, the two of them.  She immediately said in the car, "I miss Dwewby.  I want to go back and see him.  I don't want to go home without hims."
When we got home, she got her blanket and cuddled up on the couch and pouted.  Poor baby.  She really misses him.  She cuddled with her Daddy for a bit, but then he had to go to work, so now it's just her and me.  She's doing well, watching Super Why right here next to me while I write this.
I think we're going to make it y'all.
But back to Drew.  We can't wait to pick him up and hear all about his day.  We'll update you as soon as we hear!

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