Wednesday, December 2, 2009


What better topic to blog about for my 300th post (I know.... crazy!) than Melinda's 30th birthday celebration!
For those of you that know Melinda, you know she doesn't particularly want to be the center of attention, but Michael, Mary and I decided that's just tough! So we planned a surprise party for her.
Happy Birthday Melinda!!!
Drew helped me make the Italian Cream Cake for the party. Mama Horton made a carrot cake and Mary made the pumpkin cake. They were de-licious!
Emma settling in with some snacks getting ready for the party to begin. (I just realized that it looks like she's eating the chips and drinking the ice tea... that's not the case folks... don't worry. She had her own stuff.
There's the birthday girl... this is the moment that she's starting to figure out that this is her birthday party. Her first statement was "so it was all a lie!?!" Not "wow, what a surprise!" hahaha. She couldn't believe that she was left out of planning.

Sadie is enjoying some food at her Mama's birthday party.
Melinda's worst nightmare. Mary had told the staff that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES were they to sing to Melinda. She has always been VERY adamant about that. However, some way or another, they still did.
You can see it all in "the look." Melinda knows who's to blame for this.
Jill got Melinda random 30's for her 30th.
Michael is counting to check that there were 30 post it's
By the end of the night Sadie looked like a wild woman. Even still, isn't she adorable!?!

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msdancy said...

I'm glad I got to be a part of such a fun party!:)