Thursday, December 3, 2009

Playing Chicken

So Kim, our very creative and talented art teacher, is teaching her absolutely gorgeous girls about a self sustaining life all while fulfilling a lifelong dream.... ok, maybe that's overstating it, but she always thought it would be very cool to have a farm. She has taken her suburban living to the next level by starting what she calls "The Underground Egg Co." That's right folks, Kim has acquired some chickens. I'll let you figure out why she may call it "The Underground Egg Co" (hint: it probably has something to do with that suburban life, I'm guessing). After much research, she found the perfect breeder in Florida for the chickens that she wanted.
Isn't that gorgeous! Who knew!?! (I guess Kim did)
Anyways, the girls have become so attached!

Is that not the cutest picture!

Ezra has taken a real interest in them.

She's such a little "mama" to them.

She has even started "showing" them and she's quite successful! I love this family for taking something so "quarky" and running with it. I want to be this family. It just looks like so much fun!

Even Ellison is getting in on this gig.

Then Ezra's art started to, what do they say, "reflect life."
She has actually put some pieces in some shows and she makes a little cash on the side! Kim has taught her about philanthropy in the process and Ezra has donated to organizations such as Whale Wars with her earnings.... Now do you see what I mean when I tell you I want to BE this family. They are so cool!

Ok, so not all of her inspired artwork goes on the gallery wall. But this cool doodle scores total rockstar points with me!!!!
Kim has also done some fantastic things with her inspiration.

I love hearing about how the chickens are doing. Kim is so funny telling the stories about the chickens and how the neighbors are so wonderful about it and how it's embarrassing to buy eggs in the store when she has to. I love to hear it all Kim.... please keep the stories coming!

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greenacresgrl said...

It sounds soooo much better in your words! As i notice all the pretend animals and fruitrees sent my way on FARMTOWN/VILLE it occurs to me i'd better jump up and tend to my oun flock in the backyard!! I love it though! Until the ROOSTEZ remind me they really rule the roost at 3 AM when they are tricked into thinking the full moon is the SUNRISE!!!
I must admit the CHICKEN THEMED CHRISTMAS TREE may not have been one of my best needs more tweeking!
My kids may end up with some REAL ISSUES when they grow up and I want to stand up and PROUDLY admit i had a large part in that!!!haha

Keep putting your heart into words! I want to be like you toooo!
Thank you for sharing!
Proprietor, The Underground Egg Co.