Thursday, January 6, 2011

12 Drummers Drumming

So yesterday we wrapped up the 12 days of Christmas and so today is The Epiphany (or 3 Kings Day, or Little Christmas).
It is the day that we celebrate the 3 Kings visiting baby Jesus.
This will be the last day of our Christmas lights at our house.  We will light them to symbolize the 3 Kings finding their way to Bethlehem, even though all the Christmas lights in the world would not be as bright as the star God used to guide them.
And for all of us Louisiana folks, it is the beginning of one of our favorite times of the year.... carnival season.
In honor of this, my sister made the most beautiful, homemade King Cake.

This really impresses me because it's authentic.  That's not usual outside of Louisiana.
She did a beautiful job.
So it's time to break out the Mardi Gras music and beads, gather the festive decorations, and celebrate the carnival season!

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