Monday, January 3, 2011

Strange Sensation New Year's Day

***This was written on New Year's Day***
This is the second year that I have found New Year's Day to be a strange mixture of conflicting feelings.
All in the same day I am starting a new year just like everyone else, but on the other hand, it is the "wrap up" of precious Emma's one-year-old-world.
Tomorrow our sweet baby girl will be turning two.  It's so hard to believe that this may be the last day of my life (depending on what God's plans are for us) to have a one year old.
I've looked at her all day trying to soak in her "oneness."
She's amazing.  She's what I've always dreamed of and so much more.  She's beautiful, strong, spunky, smart, and most importantly she has such a sweet tender heart.
Bedtime girl

She is such a girlie-girl, loving to put anything circular around her wrist pretending it is a precious piece of jewelry, prissing around in her little princess dresses and "heels," and grabbing every handbag she can configure to hold all of her worldly belongings. And the girl loves a good tea party. It amazes me how "hardwired-girl" she is.  Especially considering she has a big brother.


But then there is the spunky side to her.  She loves to get into the mix of things, she doesn't care if she's dirty, and she can give her big brother a run for his money physically in any competition they may have (to put it nicely).

She fills our lives with such joy and laughter, love and beauty, and sweetness and tenderness.

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