Thursday, February 9, 2012

Our Favorite Play Dough Recipe

We've had our fair share of rainy days lately, so we've been struggling to find things to do around here that don't involve going outside.
So the other day, we found some indoor activities to do.   The kids were doing some puzzles, mazes and letter practice while I was making some play dough.

Indoor activities puzzles home made play dough

Indoor activities puzzles home made play dough
Emma cracks me up in this one.

Drew's preschool class had asked for donations of homemade play dough, so I got crackin'.
After basically being a test kitchen for play dough, we finally found the recipe that we liked the most. I found the one that called for Cream of Tartar was the recipe that most resembled the good stuff in the little yellow cups we all love. You can find that recipe HERE.
I have never really been interested in making my own play dough, I just never really found anything wrong with buying it.... until now!

IMG_7019 Indoor activities puzzles home made play dough

Indoor activities puzzles home made play dough IMG_7027

Wow, this stuff was great! and it made so much.  I don't worry at all about the kids having too many colors out at once and I don't mind if we just have to throw it away when they do mix the colors and make that "marbly" brown that it always ends up being.
 It makes the kids much happier because they get to really play with it and get into it up to their elbows (Those of you that know Emma, know that I mean this statement quite literally).
So we've been playing with a lot of play dough lately.
The kids have also been loving their little "squishy bags" as Drew calls them.  I filled zip lock bags with dish soap (I've used shaving cream with some food coloring in the past too and I've seen where people just pour paint into a bag as well.  It all depends on what you like or what you have around) and the kids practice drawing their letters with them.
Drew loves to squeeze his up to the top and then watch it all come streaming back down to the bottom of the bag.  Watching him do this, I realized that "The Calm Down Jar" would be a perfect solution for him when he gets frustrated or loses his temper.

I saw this on Pinterest and loved it!

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