Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yesterday's Outing

We didn't really have any plans for yesterday, so we just headed down to the Metropolitan just outside of uptown.
We just dilly-dallied around and had some lunch.  I brought my camera along to scope out some locations for an upcoming engagement session and caught a couple of funny moments with the kids while we were out.

 Charlotte Metropolitan family photographer
There was music playing, so of course the kids couldn't resist making this concrete platform a stage.

Charlotte Metropolitan 2 family photogrpahy
Notice Emma in the foreground. That girl is gettin' down! "Blue Steel!"

Charlotte Metropolitan 4 family photographer
And this is just next level

Charlotte Metropolitan 7 vintage family photographer
And I got a couple of cute pictures of them together just hanging out too. (this one I played around with a little bit, so it's got that "vintage" look to it.  Sorry, I know it doesn't match the rest, but I had fun playing.

Metro 12

Metro 11

Metro 10

Metro 8
Ta Da!

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