Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Getting Back Into Routine

We are snapped right back into our routines now and we've come up with a system that really works for us.  First, we have a great bedtime routine and morning routine that I swiped right off of "I Heart Organization."
It works perfectly for us and the kids are getting pretty good at moving through the routine without me having to tell them what's next.
I love that they are now involved with getting their clothes ready for the next day.  This, I have found, is teaching a very valuable lesson on preparation and looking ahead to the next day.
We have a drawer in his bedside table that is dedicated to their "up on deck" clothing.  We keep tomorrow's clothes in it so that in the morning we are not scrambling in different drawers to get everything we need.  It is all together ready for even the sleepiest of eyes.  I also put clothes that are needed for tomorrow's activities in there.  So if we have his soccer practice or her ballet class, those clothes are in there as well.
BedtimeRoutine copy

The morning routine saves us a bundle of time as well.  The kids know what is expected and we are out the door with plenty of time to spare.

MorningRoutine copy Emma and I continue our routine by going over to the Y after we drop Drew off.  I run for almost an hour and she visits her friends in the Playhouse.  It works great for us.
Then it is either time to drop her off at school, time for ballet, or time to go home and have some mommy/daughter time together.

It works like a charm!  I love being back in the routine of things!

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