Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Super Moon

The weekend of the super moon, we were shooting a wedding.  The reception was at a country club, so we snuck the bride and groom along with their wedding party out to take advantage of it.
Meanwhile, our kiddos were at their friends' house watching the super moon.  We were sent pictures and I think they really loved it because they talked so much about it the next day.
That next day was the peak of the super moon and Colin went out and got some pictures of it.  It was pretty neat because the pictures went viral on Facebook.  Apparently, when we hashtagged it, a Facebook page picked it up and shared it.  Once that happened, it flew all over Facebook and was shared on so many different pages we could no longer keep up.
Fun stuff for this geeky couple  :)

Summer fun!
Living room pizza picnic!
Hanging out with "Uncle Mike"
In awe of the super moon
The "babies" looking at the super moon
slumber party movie time!!!
Sunday night's super moon

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