Monday, July 8, 2013

The 4th of July

We had a wonderful 4th of July!  We love our tradition of going to dinner at Hawthorne's Pizza uptown and then watching the Charlotte fireworks from the private rooftop next door.  ooh la la.  It's very fun and very cool.
But to start the day, we had firecracker cinnamon rolls and Drew wrote a little something for his journal for Mrs. Milam about the 4th.  It was pretty cute and I know he was really looking forward to the evening.
We played with water balloons in the front yard between storms.  Yep, unfortunately it was pretty stormy off and on all day.  booooo!
But we made the best of it!
After some good ol' video game time (during the storms), we got ready for our evening with friends.
Off to Hawthorne's and fireworks.
We tried some new photography with these fireworks (since it was our 3rd firework show of the week) and I really like what we came away with.  It was so fun and some of the firework photography ended up looking like a science experiment or blown glass.  It was neat.
Anyways, here's the day in pictures.....

Water balloons-35
Drew's journal entry for the 4th
Water balloons-36
Emma starting to chow down
Water balloons-38
And Drew too
Water balloons-40
Some water balloon piñata
Water balloons-42
Water balloons-43
and now her turn
Water balloons-44
she's a little power house!
Water balloons-47
and now for dodge-balloon
Water balloons-46
Water balloons-49
and now some target practice...
Water balloons-48
bull's eye
July 4 2013-1
a night with the McLarens 
July 4 2013-12
and Siscoes
July 4 2013-5
the "gaggle" minus one
July 4 2013-9
the gaggle
July 4 2013-30
LSU firework!  Geaux Tigers!!!
July 4 2013-27
Crazy science-experiment-looking firework picture

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