Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back To School 2013

Sharpen the pencils, label the school supplies, and pack the lunch boxes! It's that time again…. back to school!!! This year the kids are finally together. I've been looking forward to this moment for so long… watching my two little ones walk up to school hand-in-hand. There they go!

Cannon First Day 2013-3

Cannon First Day 2013-7

Cannon First Day 2013-9
Let's get this party started!
Cannon First Day 2013-12
We're going to the big think tank to get all cerebral!

Cannon First Day 2013-15
And that's my baby… off to the big school    

Cannon First Day 2013-22
Emma's senior buddy waiting to welcome her to school!  I just LOVE this!!!

Cannon First Day 2013-21
Emma and her senior buddy
Cannon First Day 2013-23
This is old hat for my little man!

Cannon First Day 2013-28
Emma's senior buddy gave her the most precious back to school gifts!  So sweet!!!!

Emma and her senior buddy

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