Friday, November 14, 2008

Halloween 2008

This year we had a blast for Halloween. It was on a Friday night, so we were able to really let loose with some of our friends. Our neighborhood, as ya'll know, is pretty crazy on Halloween. This year we had about 425 trick-or-treaters! It was amazing. Some of the highlights that I didn't get pictures of were the apes chasing the banana down the street, and the group of young "hoochies" that ended up hanging out in front of our house. I don't understand how these girls' mothers let them out of the house looking the way they did in their "costumes." Michael ran them off pretty quickly with the was funny. He acted like the old man running the "young'uns" away, they thought he was serious, so they left. It worked for me.
Anyways, everyone came over that night for our yearly tradition of "tailgate trick-or-treat" and we had a ball. If you didn't have on a costume, you had to dance for your candy! The trick-or-treating went on until about 8:30 and then we went in to watch the App State game (Crystal went to App. so we couldn't miss that) and just hung out with good friends, good food, and for those who aren't pregnant like me, good drinks.
Drew had a great time. He was a lion this year. His costume really made him look pretty plump.... which he is a bit anyways, but it was adorable that he looked so incredibly round. Sadie Claire was a flower. She was as sweet as she could be. They had a great time DJ'ing the party. Because of Drew's "mad" DJ skills, we ended up listening to Ghostbusters about a trillion times. I thought Darian was going to go crazy. After we came in, Drew was so tuckered out that he went fast asleep. Sadie stayed up to party for a little about role reversal. What a night to remember.

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