Friday, August 14, 2009

The Last Summer "Hoorah" with the BFF's

Well, here we are on the last couple of days of summer, squeezing every last drop out of it like a lemon for our favorite summertime drinks (ok.. that was a really bad simile.... I promise, no more)
Wednesday afternoon the BFF's and I got together for lunch. (I really need to post just about them so that I can link BFF's to a picture of them. For now Melinda + Mary + Jill + Me = BFF's)
We had a nice little time with Drew, Emma, and Sadie. It makes for a loud house, but we like it that way.
We had a very simple spread so that we could just enjoy. Veggies and dip, chips and home made salsa from Melinda's garden (or maybe Shay & Christin's garden which we've all been eating out of.... it's HUGE!!!!) and pizza.
It was nice to sit and chitty chat before everything turns into "school" for us teachers. Drew had a hard time sharing Sadie's Cozy Coupe with her. Yes, that's right, I said SADIE'S cozy coupe. He acted like it was his and wouldn't get out of it. So Sadie, being typical Sadie, just went with the flow and got in with him. It was too cute!
I look forward to the day that we can "reason" with him a little bit better, but for now they are doing a pretty good job working it out on their own.
For a little while Drew was being such a southern gentleman....
... and even opened the door of the cozy coupe for Sadie and let her in.
After that, Sadie showed us some of her rockin' moves to some country music.

Sadie loves to "ham it up" for the camera.... and I am a sucker for her, so she gets a lot of "camera time"

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Tricia said...

She's absolutely adorable!