Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"You Like Me, You Really Like Me"

Facebook has changed so many little things in our lives.
Take, for instance, our birthdays. Anyone out there who has a Facebook account knows that this is your wall's big day. I feel like I should get it all spiffied up and ready for company. But now I am to overwhelmed with the birthday love to worry about it.
As Sally Field said in her famous Oscar acceptance speech,"I can not deny, you like me. Right now, you really like me!"

My favorite part about all this is that your birthday starts a bit early. My first birthday post was a couple of days ago from my aunt who is going to be out of town. She wanted to wish me a happy birthday, so she did it early as to not miss it.
So at that point, I decided that it was on! It was officially my "birthday season!" haha
And now, tonight, I had a lot of birthday wishes. It's the greatest! "Why?" you ask... because my birthday is not until tomorrow!!!!
This is the greatest! Extended birthday!
Thank you to all of you who took out a little time from your day to write me. It really does mean a lot.

A couple of examples of how sweet my people are. I love you all!!!!!!

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