Monday, May 17, 2010

Can't Muster A Story

Tonight I'm feeling a bit under the weather (how is it possible to be sick in May?? I made it through flu season, but I can't get through May?) so I'm not feeling much like writing. But I did feel like looking through some pictures of the kids. That makes me feel so much better. So I thought I'd share.
No fun stories, just pictures of my kids.

Drew twirling his hair. He gets that from his mama. We'll take that one on later.
Emma is such a girl. She loves to carry a purse, even if the closest one is her brothers Lightning McQueen lunch box.

The three quarter look-back
Sweet Drew sleeping soundly at Grandmommy's and Paw Paw's

Emma promises to stay quiet to let her brother sleep.
They wanted to hang out in the pack and play together at Granmommie's and Paw Paw's

Then Emma wanted it to herself

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