Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Looking Back

I was just looking through some pictures and picked out some of my favorites that I've taken....

Pretty girl, Zoey


A day out in the fields pickin' strawberries

I thought this was a bit humorous. This is a picture of the Bank of America building reflecting in the Wachovia Building. Hmmm.. what should the title of this picture be....
Another neat reflection shot. I don't know why I love doing these so much.
I also love food photography...

And nature, natural scenes can change so quickly. I use my camera to hold on to these moments

So exciting for a little boy

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood
And of course holding on to moments in our lives.


Anneke said...

I love your pictures. xoxox

cmowery3 said...

Great pictures. You do have an eye. ;)