Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cleaning The Floors

One thing I love about kids is that they always give you an excuse to make things fun.
Drew and I love cleaning the floors.  Yep, that's right.  I just said we love to clean the floors!  I can see the anticipation fluttering through him whenever I even mention it.
We get the warm soapy water in a cup and pour it all over the floor first.  He thinks it is so awesome that he is actually allowed to pour a cup full of liquid all over the floor.

Please excuse the underwear shot... I make him take his pants off so they don't get all wet.

Then we glide around in our socks.  We pretend that we are skating, on an Olympic level no doubt.

Then it is time to dry the floors.

 Drew has a hard time with this part.  This is why I think he's going to be a skier rather than a snowboarder.

He has a hard time with his feet being connected (he comes by it honestly, I'm the same way... especially on the ski hills. I need to be able to flail if need be).

After all of this is done and the floors are sparkling, it's time for us to get cleaned up.
Then, time to start making a mess again so we can do all over again next week.

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