Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Colin!!!!

Happy birthday, Colin!  It has been a wonderful weekend of celebration, and now here we are on the true day to celebrate the day you were born, a day that changed so many lives.
I love celebrating your birthday - celebrating you.
And if you ever wonder why your birthday gift was ordered all the way from Italy, or why you had the most rockin' custom birthday cake ever, or why we celebrated your birthday for days, here's a list of just a few reasons:
... you built me a raised garden even though you know I have a brown thumb
... you are the funniest person I know
... you put up with my drama
... you know how to use every power tool imaginable
... you have tea parties with your daughter
... you make me crepes in the mornings
... you have 5,000 hobbies, all of which you are passionate about and you are an expert
... you are gorgeous
... you have shown me what truly, deeply loving someone is all about
... you build yourself an over-the-top garage because you know you're worth it
... you are the head of our home
... you let me be the heart of our home
... you make me feel special
... you watch all of my Bravo shows with me and let me gossip like we actually know those people
... you are an optimist (even when it drives me crazy)
... your kids think you are a rock star (and so do I)
... you know how to fix a car
... you can build a computer practically from scratch
... you are good to our babies
... you are like our own MacGyver, I know we'll be ok as long as we have a stick of gum and a paperclip
... you don't mind watching the kids when I'm getting ready because you appreciate that the longer I take, the better I'll look
... our babies get stars in their eyes when they look at you
... you can create a power outlet where ever I want one so I never have to be inconvenienced
... I love when the kids hear the garage door open they scream "daaaadddddyyyyy!!!!!"
... you love me as much as I love you
So are you getting the picture yet?  I love and adore you and that's why I love going overboard for you... because I am over the moon in love with you.
~Happy Birthday!

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