Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Mother, Mary Jane

Mom's Dogwood

It was five years ago today that I lost my mother.
Five years ago today my father, my sister, and I stood by her side, held her hands, and watched her slip out of this life.
Here it is, 3:24pm and I feel I've just been able to take my first breath of the day.  Grief creeps through your body, into your lungs, and steals the breath right out from inside you it seems.
But now, here I am.
And now that I've given the grief time, I need to give the positives time too.

It is so exciting that  Fight Like A Tiger has been so successful.  She would be so proud of what it has turned into today.  Of course it's still (and always will be) really emotional to see it on people.  When I see that subtle "MJ" in the tiger striping, it's like the shirt is winking at me.  I know most people don't know it's there and that's the way she would have wanted it.

To date, somewhere in the ballpark of 9000 shirts have been sold!!!! And orders are still piling in!!! That equates to over $45,000 in research and financial aid to families affected by leukemia, lymphoma, and other life altering diseases that those shirts have generated!!!! $45,000 donated!!!!!! Astounding!!!!
I miss her so much and there is so much more to her legacy than this, but this is really special and she ecstatic about it.
Thanks so much to Kim and Bart Landry at Creative Impressions Silkscreening in Port Allen, LA for the awesome work they have done!!!

As for this day, it's a very tough one for my sister and me.  It was the day we lost our mother, and the day my father's heart broke un-repairably.  But my parents are now in heaven together, and I just couldn't ask anything better for them.


Anneke said...

You're mom is so proud. You are a very special lady yourself.

Love, Anneke xoxox

KPJ said...