Monday, April 25, 2011

Our First Kiss

It was 9 years ago today.  I'll never forget it.
If the camera crews would have been around, they would have made a movie out of it.
Our first kiss.  It really was as fabulous as it should be.  The moment my lips touched his, I knew he was the one.  No really, it's true.  It really was that spectacular.
So here's the story:
He was waiting for me at the New Orleans airport.  He flew down from Ottawa.  I raced down from work to pick him up at the airport.  I ran in, stopped in the middle of an open area where I knew he'd be to look around for him.  I spotted him over at a bar looking at me, all calm, cool and collected.  He winked at me and I went running for him.  We met, still out in the openness of the airport.  I flung myself into his arms.  He twirled me around, put me down (not that my feet ever hit the ground) and kissed me.  And I mean, the boy kissed me.  The kind of kiss where his hands cradle your head which has been flung back because you've gone weak in the knees as he kisses you.  Everyone and everything disappeared.
Time stopped, and the future began.
Then the applause came.  I wasn't even embarrassed.  The ladies who had served him were anxious for my arrival after hearing our story.  When they saw the kiss, they clapped which became contagious and soon everyone was clapping. People love a love story.  The romantic side in all of us love to witness such a moment.  I'd like to think that at least some of those people still remember it and mention to this day.  If I would have been an outsider looking in, I would.
He can still to this day get that reaction out of me.  He can stop me on a dime and make everything around me disappear with a kiss.  It's an amazing gift he has and I'm happy that I am the receiver.  (:
Toronto couple in love

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