Friday, December 23, 2011

Holy Chevron!

So you know how this time of year all you see are the "top 20 lists" and how people are looking back at the year? Well one thing that I have to take note of from 2011 is the all mighty Chevron. It was EVERYWHERE! Seriously, Pinterest it or Google it and look at images. If you have been following any kind of styling, you'll see Chevrons somewhere in there.
For example:

You see what I mean. If you branded ANYTHING this year, you probably have a Chevron in there. If you had your hand in any DIY projects like making rugs for your home, you probably had a Chevron in there. If you let a professional interior designer anywhere near your home, there are Chevrons in there somewhere! It was out of control!
But, with all of that said, I actually do love them, so it's a trend I'm thankful for.

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