Saturday, December 24, 2011

O Tannenbaum

"How often has not at Christmastime
A tree like you given me such joy!"

We had so much fun decorating all of our Christmas trees this year.  Drew and Emma both have their own tree in their bedrooms.  The loved decorating them and it was a very special moment for each of them to be able to put the topper on each of their trees.
Every night my heart is so warm when I see them looking at their Christmas trees.  They really get so much joy from them.

Emma's Tree in her window makes a nice addition to the front of the house. When her blinds are open you see in addition to all of the bushes lit, a Christmas tree in the front bay window, and her Christmas tree in the top middle window.
Emma's christmas Tree photography

Drew's Christmas tree sits perfectly on his train table and can be seen from the back yard.
Drew's Christmas Tree Photography 1

Front of the house

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