Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking Back At A Wonderful Holiday Season

I have a book that Nana gave me that I fill out after each Christmas (OK, so I'm starting it this Christmas even though she gave it to me in 2008... but at least I've started it). It is a book of Christmas memories that records all of the details and traditions from each Christmas.
I love filling it out. Looking back at the past month and how magical it is reminds me of how special and precious these times really are.
We have so many traditions that I love so much and I look forward to doing all of them every year.
We start the month out by decorating after Thanksgiving (or whenever we get back from Thanksgiving if we've travelled like this year).
Bobby our elf comes to see us as soon as we decorate. The first time he visits us, he shows up with his book and movie so we enjoy his story and meaning. Then, the second night, he brings the kids their Christmas pajamas from Santa. They get to wear them all season long, but they are the pajamas that Santa wants them to wear for Christmas morning.  From that point on, he just creates mischief practically every day.
Bobby Christmas photography family photographer

We also enjoyed building a gingerbread house. The kids did great!  They each got their own side of the roof to decorate.
ginger house christmas family photographer

Ginger house 5 Christmas family photography

*Notice how they are ditching the house project and going for the goods*
Ginger House 6 Christmas family photography
(Please excuse Emma's hair.  Some days she let's me fix it, but most days she won't even give me 30 seconds to brush it without running away)

Holiday treats were so fun this year too.  I made Molasses Spice cookies for a cookie exchange that I attended at my friend, Lauren's house.  I came back with a treasure of good cookies and recipes.
The treats that I gave to Drew's teachers as part of their Christmas gifts were not made by me though.  My friend, Cammie made them for me.  She's make some of the cutest cake pops in town.  The ones I ordered are pretty simple compared some of the more extravagant ones that she can do.  If anyone in the Charlotte area ever wants to order some, just let me know and I'll point you in her direction.
Cake Pops 1 product photographer christmas family photography

The kids have been telling me that they wish everyday was Christmas and I explain that it would lose it's magic if it were everyday, but secretly I wish right along with them that everyday we could live this magical time of year.

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