Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pirate Ship Park

Everything in our world is "pirates" right now. The kids are obsessed! So it's a great thing that the park that is right down the road from our house has a pirate ship playground.
It's been a while since I've taken the camera to the park, but I decided to do just that. I'm having a Valentine's petite shoot coming up soon, so I thought I'd scope out some spots knowing exactly what my goals were.
So I got some pictures of the kids too of course (my favorite little "subjects") and it's quite apparent that Emma loves the camera. She just cracks me up!
Pirate Park kids photography Storyboard

The kids had the place to themselves and they had a great time together. I always love to watch and listen to them together. They really are best friends.
Pirate Park 13

Emma had to "walk the plank" but as you can see, this did not shaker her!
Pirate Park 9

Pirate Park 7

I love "sliding" pictures. Drew had a great time sliding "down into the water" from the pirate ship.
Pirate Park 1

Pirate Park 2

Pirate Park 3

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