Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Princess Birthday Lunch

The world according to my princess daughter:
When it's your birthday, you should have a princess luncheon. There should be plenty of pink tulle.

(Mama forgot to take pictures of my cupcake stand, so we'll have to use the picture of the one she got her inspiration from. Mine had a fluffy tutu on the bottom too and the prettiest pink icing you've ever seen on a cupcake)

There should be pink bows tacked onto anything that doesn't move!

Little girl princess party photographer Family photographyLittle girl princess party photographer Family photography
even on the fruit and vegetable cups served on a silver platter

And the princess should be surrounded by people who love and adore her!

All while donning her prettiest princess dress!
Little girl princess birthday party photographer

Ok, so the front embellishment has been ripped off, but she's a princess, she can do whatever she wants!
princess birthday party photography
and I never said she was a "refined" princess

And of course she gets to devour all of her treats!!!!
including breakfast (a princess' birthday should last all day!)

Yep, that's what a birthday should be according to Emma. And so that's what she got.

Happy birthday, my little princess!

PS. Next year I'll make sure to make time to take pictures of everything (:

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