Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Aligator Mania

During one of our trips to Orlando, Karen took us to a great little dive out on a lake. It was infested with alligators, which we thought was pretty cool, but we're weird like that. They were quite use to all of the people, but that didn't mean I wanted to parade my babies all around them. We did go out on the point where they all hang out, but we were all "on guard" a bit considering these were wild animals we were talking about. The last thing we need is to be featured on "When Animals Attack" We hung out with the alligators for about as long as our nerves would stand for it and then we went in to eat before the rain came (you can see the rains in the distant.... funny that "the sunshine state" seems quite rainy quite often). The food was great. We had a plethora of fried and blackened seafood, enough to feed an army.... of alligators!!! 

A seasoned Louisianian knows that this site is not one to mess with.  When you see those big ol' eyes pop  up out of the water, you're just best to got the other way and "let sleeping dogs lie"
This guy was just hanging out.  Nothing really phased him.  Not exactly a "lovely" place for him to chill, but the junk made me feel safer, like there was a barrier between us.

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