Monday, June 25, 2012

So Much To Catch Up On

So I did a complete and utter phone dump onto Flickr to make sure I had everything backed up and realized there are so many stories and memories still trapped inside of that nifty little phone of mine that I haven't shared.
We'll start with the pool.  Our little fish are easing their way back into the pools still with their floaties, but Drew is ready to drop his.  He will wear them for the first half hour or so, but then they are off and he's Mr. Independent.
Emma loves to jump off the edge and dunk her head.  She also loves it when Daddy throws her and flips her.  She's our little dare-devil obviously.
We spend oodles of time out at the pool and love to just hang out there with our drinks, snacks and pool toys.  It's been a great summer there so far!

Emma in her little cover-up
I'm still amazed that this is my baby when I look at her.  She's growing up and becoming more and more independent.

Daddy loves his little water babies

They love it when Daddy throws them.  They've since graduated to flips now.

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