Saturday, July 28, 2012

Livin' It Up At The Hotel... Arizona?

Hmmm, so that's not how the song goes, but that's how our vacation goes.
We chilled at the resort for a large portion of our time (obviously it was our "home base.")
There was so much to do right there which was so convenient.
Drew loved playing golf, so we did plenty of that.
I loved hanging out down by the creek.  It is just beautiful and at night it becomes magical with all of the twinkle lights (not to mention you could almost see Johnny Depp's (alleged) house from there.... that's always a plus)
Emma loved the pool and Daddy loved it all.
It was great to have a "fall back plan for the days that we want to do any running around or site seeing.
This "Labyrinth" was designed for relaxation... to walk your worries away.  Not for a 3 and 5 year old.... it was a maze to race through.

There was a brewery right on the grounds (In Tlaquepaque which is connected to the resort)  This was the sampling of their beers.  It's called the 7 Dwarfs.  Colin was up for the challenge
The walk to the pool was beautiful
Even the back parking lot had a beautiful view
My little family of mini golfers
ok, so she's not exactly Tiger Woods
Emma wondered why she couldn't swim with the big girls when we were down by the creek
But she enjoyed her own dancing anyways
Eating watermelon back in the room
Drew next to the coyote.  We have the matching picture from 2 years ago.  It's neat to see how much he's changed HERE
The shoeless wonder here.  Emma will always be Emma
Playing in some art

Nana and Papa walking the kids back after our dinner at Oak Creek Brewery

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