Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer In The Desert

Well, I guess I'll start with the landscape.
Our two week vacation in the desert couldn't have come at a better time.  It was so hot and humid here on the east coast and while you wouldn't exactly think of going to the desert in the middle of the summer as a great getaway, Sedona was a welcome respite.
We landed in Phoenix and walked outside of the airport around 10:45 pm and it was 106 degrees!!!
All I could think was, "what have I done!?!"
We stayed the night in Phoenix so I wasn't sure what Sedona was going to be like, but in 106 degrees I couldn't imagine it was going to be very pretty.
But the next morning we met up with Nana and Papa and drove to Sedona.  Once those red rocks came into view I knew it was going to be a great two weeks.
We got out of the car and it was 15 degrees cooler than when we got in in Phoenix!
It was beautiful, warm, and best of all... dry!!!
The kids were excited to get there and they enjoyed the view as much as we did.
I didn't bring my camera.  It was just too much with everything else we had to deal with and I figured I could live without it for two weeks.  That was a mistake.  I learned that I can't live without it for two weeks and especially in such a beautiful place.  But oh well, next time.
Here are some of the pictures that we do have from our phones.
The view when you are arriving to Sedona from Phoenix
The road into Sedona
Some ominous clouds cooled things down considerably
Charming little desert gallery

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