Thursday, September 20, 2012

To The Love Of My Life... Happy Ninth Anniversary!

We are no longer newlyweds.  We haven't been for 3 years now according to the traditional anniversary rules.  We are well into our "truly devoted years."
Truly and hopelessly devoted.
Now I'm picturing a very Olivia-Newton-John-moment.  You know, love letters and reflections of Danny Zuko in the kiddie pool.
But really, I truly am hopelessly devoted.  I was the first day I met you and I am even more so now, after 9 years of marriage and two babies.
I'm the luckiest girl in world.  I've got it all....  a handsome, funny, smart, hot husband who loves me with all of his heart and shows me so every day.
Colin, I love you with all of my everything!
Happy anniversary!


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