Friday, July 5, 2013

Anneke's Visit from The Great White North...

... Ok, so it's not white right now.  As a matter of fact, I think it's hotter in parts of Canada right now that it is here.
But anywho,
Anneke passed through with her girls on their way to Mexico.  We were so excited to see her and meet her kiddos.  Yes, it's been that long!  I had never even met her girls yet!!!  Time goes so fast.

We had a great time.  We enjoyed a nice lunch at Ri Ra's and then we were off to Discovery Place in uptown.  The kids had a great time playing and exploring all of the stuff they had to offer while we got to catch up.  It was as though no time had passed and we picked up just like we saw each other yesterday.  It was so nice.

We went to dinner at Taco Mac on Fairview Road and then it was time to tuck those girls in.  They had had a long long day and were worn slap out after a day of fun fun fun!

the three of us
As Colin would say, the rose between two thorns thorn between two roses.... haha
fun with air
these kiddos were ready to get out of Ri Ra's and get this party started
where is the air suppose to go?
she has "the force"
girl power!!!
and we have lift-off!
pulling herself up... learning about the power of a pulley
But the power of delegating is better!
Water balloons-1
Water balloons-2
Water balloons-5
intrigued is good
Water balloons-7
Georgette of the Jungle
Water balloons-10
hangin' with the jellyfish
Water balloons-14
getting his courage up to touch something creepy
Water balloons-17
her courage is always on-hand
Water balloons-21
and there we have it
Water balloons-26
they loved it!
Water balloons-29
but Daddy, I want to be IN the fountain!!!
you want to see IN the fountain.... I'll show you IN the fountain!
Water balloons-30
checking out the sky scrapers
Water balloons-31
The walk to the restaurant
from the patio of the restaurant 


Anneke said...

I'm just seeing this now!!! How could I not have seen this!! I love this post and I love you guys xoxoxox. That was such a highlight of my summer.

Anneke said...

I am just seeing this now!! I love this post and I loved seeing you guys!! I was all teary when I first saw you guys because I have missed you so much. That day was a highlight of my summer. Thank you for making it so special. xoxoxox