Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Mama, Let's Have Pizza Pie!"

***This one was written Nov. 16... obviously today is a catch up day on publishing***

"Ok" I said.  Right now Drew is still getting anything he wants.  So pizza it was.
It was a fun break from our "trauma drama" and post surgery recovery (Colin had his wisdom teeth taken out Monday... more on that later).
So we got out all of the ingredients and Drew built our pizza.  It is so amazing to watch him now.  He is getting so big and doing so many things on his own.
We are ready to cook, Mama!

First we rolled out the dough.

Then some sauce

Let's put lots of cheese!

And pepperoni too!

The cook kept a close eye on the pizza in the oven.

Drew didn't stop with cooking, he wanted to help with everything

He even fixed the drinks

Then we had family time around the dinner table with pizza and good conversation.

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