Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Bionic Husband

Well, I think I can safely say now that Colin's experience of having his wisdom teeth extracted went exceptionally well.  He had them removed on a Monday at 2:00 and was back to work (on-call non the less) Tuesday morning with minimal pain.  I just can't believe it... it's not suppose to be that easy!
Because we were pretty well homebound anyways, due to Drew's cough, we had no choice but to take it easy.  I did everything the Dr. told me to do as his care-taker.  I had my one timer set to make sure that he was getting ice for a half hour on, and then a half hour off.  I haven't been on such a demanding schedule since bringing Emma home as a newborn!  Then I had another timer going to pain medication, and then I had yet another timer going for Drew (so much going on, I wasn't about to rely on myself to keep up with it all.... I know myself better than that and have no problem admitting it).
Colin laid on the couch Monday evening, but was up and at 'em the next day.  I was so proud of him.  Here we are almost two weeks later, and he's still pain free!  Yay!
I had to snap a couple of pictures of how pitiful he looked.  Of course he hammed it up for the camera, wanting to seem way more pitiful than he was, then he got me laughing so hard we couldn't stop.  Here's the results of our silliness.

My poor, swollen hubby

looking so pitiful in his ice sling...

...and even more pitiful

ok, this is getting ridiculous!

This is where I begin laughing...

... and that just makes things worse.

Mr. Funny

And life is good again.

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