Sunday, November 14, 2010

Post Trauma Fun

Ok, so our lucky streak is over.  We have now been introduced to the awful world of bringing your child to the ER.  Before I tell you what happened, I want you to know that all is well and we had a happy ending (thank goodness!!!)
I'm making light of it simply because I can't deal with it seriously yet.  It was quite scary and quite serious.
So I'm going to give you the abridged version, because I'm not quite ready to relive it enough to pound it out on the keyboard.
Basically it boils down to finding my son blue and unable to breathe, Colin calling 911, our boy finding his strength and great instincts and relaxing enough to open his airways again.  When the first responders arrived at our house his oxygen levels were recorded as unbelievably low.  They rebounded quickly though.  We went to the ER and they took great care of us after diagnosing croups secondary to laryngotracheobronchitis which caused a spasm that made his airways close up on him.  This was on Friday after having the flu vaccination spray (the live virus) on Tuesday.
Here's where the fun begins.  First, I have to comment on how I think it's incredible how quickly children bounce back from trauma.  Within 15 minutes of being at the ER, Drew was having a blast.  He loved the breathing treatment, "I got to breath steam, Mama!" and the popsicles that "Nessa", nurse Vanessa, brought him.

He was a champ at taking a nasty tasting steriod with an OJ chaser.  Here's where I have to be inappropriate and say that it was like watching a man drinking a shot.  Imagine that scene, that's how Drew did it.  He might as well have pounded on his chest afterwards.  I thought "uh oh, that can't be good for his future."
Anyways, back to him having fun.  He thought it was so cool to have the light on "the little piggy that stayed home."

He loved that "Aunt Mary" was there to take care of his little sister while we tended to him.  He was totally ok with her leaving with Emma so Emma could go home and get some sleep.  He had so much fun playing with all of his Thomas trains in his bed, but he was frustrated that he couldn't get up and walk around.
Daddy took a bit of a cat nap since we had to wait around in the ER for Drew's breathing treatment to wear off.  We were there until 5 am and Drew never even got sleepy.  It was quite a long night.

Then our friend Chuck showed up.... yep, at 3 AM Chuck came to visit Drew.  Chuck works in the ER so it was nice to have someone there who knew exactly what was going on.  Chuck wasn't working that night so it was really sweet of him to visit.  Now that some time has passed and I've learned a little more about what happened, Chuck must have known what a close call we had with Drew.  He knew by seeing us that night that it had not sunk in yet and we did not realize just what had happened.  I still don't think it has sunk in all the way.  In a way, I suppose I hope it never does.
Now we are home and Drew is enjoying all of the attention that he's been getting.  We've decided that he totally rules the roost for a little while.  The boy is getting anything and everything he wants.
Yesterday Emma and I went through the grocery aisles just picking up anything that we thought he might enjoy.  Colin went through all of the toy aisles picking out anything and everything Drew could ever want.  Colin is quite cute about the whole thing now.  He can't be away from Drew, including just being in another room, for more than about 10 minutes.  I don't what he's going to do about work come Monday morning.... haha
I've been doing what I do, heal through food.  This morning Drew woke up to a huge breakfast of pancakes and fruit and yogurt and much more.  For lunch he had panko crusted chicken nuggets with seasoned potato wedges and corn on the cob with sweet tea.  Tonight we're doing homemade pizza.
We've also been doing whatever he wants to do (that doesn't involve running around and getting hot and sweaty).  We've made forts in the living room, a model of a triceretops out of a diaper box and a wet wipes box and played lots of games on the computer and read tons of book (actually just a couple of books tons of times).

Please excuse the counter tops.  Because I'm only focused on him right now, I just go from one kiddie activity to another so I've taken little time to clean up after all of it.  Cleaning can wait!  It'll be there when I'm ready for it. (:

We've also watched lots of movies and football, his favorites.  Just a minute ago we asked him if he'd like to lay on the couch and watch some football for quiet time and he looks at me and demands popcorn  sweetly says, "yes, and I'd quite like some popcorn." (Karen, it was as though Dad were here.  He said it just like "the pie statement"  You know what I'm talking about..haha)
Do you think he's got this whole thing figured out?  Yeah, I think so too.
But that's ok.  Anything for King Drewby for now.  We'll work out all of these spoiled kinks later.
He's living it up and really, why not?  Wouldn't  you!?!
Emma is even happily reaping the benefits.

What a mess!!!
Emma loving the pudding that she picked out at the grocery for Drew.  


Eclipsed said...

That must have been so terrifying. I'm glad that he's home and you're all together.

Anneke said...

I am so glad everything is okay. And I can't believe I know what you mean by the "pie" reference. How many times have I heard that?? Love to you all.