Sunday, October 26, 2008

Coming Home

Coming home with Drew was kind of a funny experience. We had just bought our new car and Colin wanted to be a great daddy and have a clean car for Drew to come home in, so he went and had the car washed. He just forgot one simple thing... we still had temporary tags on the car. Well, we all know that here in the states, we do these things very cheaply and they are paper tags, so our tag ended up in the drain as a little lump of pulp. So not only were we nervous for the common reason of driving with your newborn baby for the first time, but we were terrified that we would be pulled over... not a good memory to add to "coming home." But, we made it home with no problem at all. When we got home, we found that our friends had decorated our house with all of the "It's A Boy" stuff and they had a great meal waiting for us. It was so sweet and so fun. The boys celebrated in the back while the girls stayed in and oohed and ahed over Drew. It was also the moment that Drew met Lily. Speaking of Lily, my good friend Jill was so sweet as to think of Lily and brought her some gifts so that Lily wouldn't feel left out.
The first thing that I did when I got home.....Well, I ran upstairs and put my baby in his crib. I couldn't wait to see what he looked like in there. It was the sweetest moment ever!

(Sorry about the lack of pictures of all of us together as a family. They must all be on someone else's camera)

That evening, we "cut the tags off." There was no turning back from there. hehe

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