Friday, September 18, 2009

Calvin the Philosopher

Know what's weird? Day by day, nothing seems to change,
but pretty soon...everything's different.
--Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes

We scrounge our change, we find a $5 bill or maybe even a 20. You donate to the cause to find a cure, but your left thinking, "that's not very much," or "what could that possibly do?"

One day, the doctors and scientists will find a cure and everything will be different. What didn't seem like enough from us, will accumulate into everything to the patient that walks out of the doctor's office after being told that she has cancer.  And instead of feeling like she has just been handed her death sentence, she will feel like she is just experiencing an unfortunate inconvenience.
 Children will be amazed when they hear their parents talk about how cancer was the cause of death of so many of their friends. They will think that we lived in "the dark ages" and won't be able to imagine how horrible it must have been to die from such a common and curable disease.
We can no longer hope for cancer to just simply go away. We can no longer try to avoid it. It is here. All we can do is find a cure. A cure.  Not just a treatment.  Not just a chance to "buy a little time."  A true cure.

Every little bit counts and it all funnels in together to make a very large sum that will make an even larger difference.

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