Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Love Dada

Today as I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes, I heard Emma say "I love Dada." I had her with me in the kitchen and she started babbling away and I was talking back to her.
It went something like this:
"daddada," and I would say, "no, really? Tell me more." Well she loves it when we chat like this, so she talks back to me, "dadaddaaa," and then she says, "IIIIII looooove dada." Or so it sounded to me. So I repeat it and she repeats me. I tried to keep repeating and getting her to repeat it so that I could grab the camera and get it on film. This was the best I could do. It was pretty good, but not quite what I heard the first time.


Nancy said...

Oh Mary Beth, how sweet!! what joys await the two of you with this baby girl :)

JenJen said...

Oh my...
She is a sweetie. I love the babbles.
My kids are 8 and 6. Yesterday they were Emma's age. I swear.

Helen McGinn said...

Oh my gosh, that is so adorable. Of course, in her head, she is saying it perfectly! And that's how it sounded to me too. *L*