Friday, September 25, 2009

Emma's Gettin' Friendly

Yesterday, when I went to pick the kids up from Mrs. Tonia's, Emma gave me a great surprise. Amber came in to pick up Zander and Emma looked straight at her, smiled, and then waved! I was so surprised because I had not seen her wave before. She just stuck that perfectly delicate little hand out and opened and closed it, opened closed it. It wasn't just any flailing wave, it was the most prissy little thing you've ever seen. We laughed so hard.
Then I pointed her in Mrs. Tonia's direction and she waved to her. She LOVED all of the attention that she was getting for her waving so she just kept on. Then, Mr. Nick came home and I thought I'd try it out on him to see if it was just a "girl thing." I pointed her in his direction and he started waving at her. And again, she stuck that sweet little pink hand out and waved and giggled. It was so sweet. She's going to be quite the girl.

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