Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where'd The Sun Go?

Apparently we don't get out much at night with the kids.  Tonight we did a little shopping and when we got home, it was already dark.  Daddy got Drew out of the car and Drew said so inquisitively, "Where'd the sun go?"  He was truly surprised that the sun was not out like it usually is when we get out of the car.  I guess it didn't dawn on him in the car that it was dark out.  We were too busy talking about red lights and green lights and he was too busy bossing Daddy around saying, "go fast, Daddy!  Go fast!"  We just say back to him, "okay Ricky Bobby!"


McVal said...

What?! The sun didn't come back when he asked for it?
What a cutie!

Lauren said...

I can just hear his adorable giggle while ordering Daddy to put the pedal to the metal :)